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Who is Who in NIMH


NIMH, Secunderabad
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 Name  Designation   Telephone  E-Mail ID

 Shri.Vishal Gagan, I.A.S

 Director ( Incharge)

Tel. Nos.
Ext : 222


 Shri. V. Shankar Kumar  Director's Stenographer Ext : 222  
Major B V Ram Kumar (R) Deputy Director (Admn.) Ext : 220

Smt. C. Jayanthi DDA's Stenographer Ext : 220

Department of Adult Independent Living :

Shri. B Ashok

Asst. Professor (Department of Adult Independent Living), Laison Officer for SC/ST/PH

Tel. Nos.
Ext : 234
Shri. Surendra Pal Singh



Lecturer in Special Education


Ext : 289


Shri. T Mugesh


Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Ext : 303

Shri.P. Sammaiah Rehabilitation Officer Ext : 247  
Shri. K. Ravinder Rehabilitation Officer Ext : 277  
Shri. K. Ramesh Vocational Instructor Ext : 234  
Shri.M.Suresh Verma Vocational Instructor    
Smt K.Amaravathamma Vocational Instructor    
Smt. M. Nagalakshmi Jr. Special Education Teacher    

Department of Community Rehabilitation & Project Management:

Dr. G. Sree Krishna Lecturer in Rehabilitation Psychology & In- Charge Head Tel. Nos.
Ext : 303

General Services :  

Shri. N C Srinivas


Lecturer in Speech Pathology and Audiology & In Charge General Services

Tel. Nos.

Ext: 211

Smt. T Anitha Reddy Rehabilitation Therapist Ext :305  

Department of Library & Information Services :

Dr. G. Sree Krishna Lecturer in Rehabilitation Psychology & In- Charge Head Tel. Nos.
Ext : 303

Smt. M Shyama Kumari Asst. Librarian Ext : 215
Smt. K Nagarani Hindi Translator Ext : 301
Shri.G. Ravi Shanker Publication Asst. Ext : 300
Shri. C Suresh Library Clerk  

Department of Medical Sciences :


Shri.N C Srinivas


Lecturer in Speech Pathology and Audiology & Head, Department of Medcial Sciences

Ext : 221

Shri.V.Suryanarayana Murthy

Sr. Biochemistry Technician

Ext : 223   
Shri.D Laxmaiah Speech Pathologist Ext :275   
Ms. J. Prashanthi Speech Pathologist Ext :304   
Smt. B Jyothi Staff Nurse Ext : 225   
Shri. C Gopi Kumar E.E.G. Technician Ext : 200   
Shri. K Venkata Subba Reddy Physiotherapy Assistant Ext : 268   
Shri. Hrushikesh Deshpande Rehabilitation Therapist   Ext : 268   
Shri. J.Surya Prakash LDC Typist Ext: 225

Department of Rehabilitation Psychology :

Ms. Binapani Mohapatra

Lecturer in Rehabilitation Psychology & Head of the Department

Tel. Nos.
Ext : 216

Dr. G Srikrishna


Lecturer in Rehabilitation Psychology Ext : 243
Shri. A Murali Krishna Stenographer Ext : 216  

Department of Special Education :

Smt. VRP Sheilaja Rao Lecturer in Speical Education & Head, Department  of Special Education Tel. Nos.
Ext : 212


Smt.. Nibedita Patnaik


Lecturer in Special Education Ext : 224
Smt. N Saritha Sasi Stenographer Ext : 212   

Special Education Centre :

Shri. Ganesh Sheregar Principal, SEC Ext: 214
Shri. S Kingsley Special Education Teacher    

Smt. K. Padmavathi

Special Education Teacher

Smt. G. Sakuntala Jr. Special Education Teacher    
Shri. C. Anji Reddy Jr. Special Education Teacher    
Smt. N. Vijaya Lakshmi Special Education Teacher  
Smt. C. Swapnalatha Jr. Special Education Teacher    
Shri.S Shanker LDC Typist Tel. Nos.
Ext : 269
Shri. M.Anjaiah Attender  
Administration :  
Shri. K.Ramesh Asst. Admn. Officer Ext: 245
Shri G.Haribabu Office Superintendent Ext: 258
Smt.Lalitha UDC Ext : 258  
Shri. P Vasu LDC Typist Ext : 209  
Shri.P Mahavir Singh LDC / Typist Ext: 209  
Shri. Sampath Singh Hindi Typist Ext : 258  
Shri.A. Krishna Murthy LDC / Typist Ext : 209  
Smt. Komala Waghrey Receptionist cum Telephone Operator Ext : 235
Shri. P Kishan Rao Helper  
Shri. A Yadagiri Attender  
Shri. U Vinod Kumar Attender  
Shri. B Suryaprakasham Statistical Assistant. Ext : 253  
Shri. T Sreedhar Statistical Assistant. Ext : 253  
Accounts Section :    
Shri. A Venkateswara Rao Accounts Officer Tel. Nos.
Ext : 208
Shri. Z Lakshmana Murthy UDC Cashier Ext : 242  
Smt. N Aruna UDC    
Academic Section :    

Shri.N C Srinivas


Lecturer in Speech Pathology and Audiology & In-Charge Head

Ext : 221

Shri. N Mutyalu LDC Typist Ext: 246  
Shri. T.Sreedhar Statistical Assistant Ext : 246  

Estate :

Shri. K. Ramesh AAO & In-Charge Estate Officer  Tel. Nos.
Ext :245
Shri. E.D.Sarath UDC Caretaker Ext: 233
Shri. K Jangaiah Driver ( Gr - I )  
Shri. M Mahender Reddy Driver ( Gr - I )  
Shri. M Kishan Driver ( Gr - II )  
Smt. R Aruna Reddy Cook  
Regional Centre, New Delhi  
Ms. N.G. Pamyaphy Lecturer in Rehabilitation Psychology & Officer In-Charge  
Smt.Vijayalakshmi Behl Senior Occupational Therapist  
Ms. Sabari Ghosh Senior Social Worker  
Shri. Jaiprakash Rehabilitation Therapist  
Smt. Surjeet Kaur Steno-cum-Accountant  
Shri. Shiv Prasad Driver Gr - I  
Shri.. Neeraj Attender  
Regional Centre, Kolkata  
Shri. Dasarath Choudhary Lecturer in Rehab Psychology & Officer In-Charge  
Shri. Tapas Datta Steno-cum-Accountant  
Shri. Kartik Mandal Driver ( Ord - Gr )  
Shri. Ramsharan Balmiki Attender  
Ms. Kalpana Rakshit Ayah  
Regional Centre, Mumbai  
Shri. R C Nitnaware Lecturer in Physiotherapy & Officer In-Charge  
Smt. Aparna J Sharma Steno cum Accountant  
Shri. Prakash M. Torne Attender  
NIMH Model Special Education Centre,  New Delhi
Smt. Janhavi Principal  
Ms. Seema kumari Special Education Teacher  
Ms. Meena Pahwa Special Education Teacher  
Smt. Mousumi Bhaumik Special Education Teacher  
Smt. Helen P Samuel Trained Graduate Teacher  
Smt. Najma Saleem Trained Graduate Teacher  
Smt. Nasreen Akthar Trained Graduate Teacher  
Shri. Ramkesh Meena Trained Graduate Teacher  
Smt. Raksha Saxena Junior Special Education Teache  
Dr. Lalitha Junior Special Education Teacher  
Shri. Dattatreya Rai Rehabilitation Therapist  
Smt. Archana Prabkar Home Visitor / Social Worker  
Ms. Sabari Ghosh Home Visitor / Social Worke  
Shri. Mukat Lal Physical Education Instructor  
Shri. Narender Kumar Sharma Craft Instructor  
Shri. Rajender Singh Craft Instructor  
Shri. Mukesh Manocha Vocational Instructor  
Smt. Saroj Bala Catering Assistant  
Smt. Uma Verma House Mother  
Shri. Madan Singh Latwal LDC/Typist  
Shri. Ravi Attender  
Smt. Usha Devi Ayah  
Ms. Sushma Devi Ayah  
Ms. Bimla Kumari Ayah  
Smt. Mohan Devi Cook  






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