Mental Health is all about Wellness

Mental Health has been addressed with various terms, these terms have different explanations that made other people more confused. It is best to emphasize the difference between mental health and mental illnesses. Mental health are not the conditions, it is about the wellness or situation of your mental state.

When the person is mentally-well, he or she has an increase in learning capability, more sociable, productive, and with improved physical health. Meanwhile, those who have mental conditions are in distress, disorganized daily activities, dysfunctional relationships, and poor physical health. Thus, with these situations, experts have explained that mental health is a continuum spectrum wherein the person feels good and functions well. On the other hand, those people who are mentally-ill are represented with symptoms that can affect a person’s behavior, thoughts, emotions, and even physical attributes.

However, everyone should be aware that mental health is a complex concept. It is best for everyone to have their self examined by experts for them to have a better understanding of their mental state.